Picnic Promise

The Picnic Promise For Our Guests

The past few months have not been easy for our city, but we cannot be more excited to bring picnics back to our neighbors. The pandemic has changed the way we all will be dining out these days. So, we have created our Picnic Promise to outline how we will be reopening safely for our guests and our team members. As we open our doors to welcome you back, we ask that you adopt the following promise inside of our cozy Picnic space:

  • We are requiring all guests to wear masks as they enter the restaurant and while walking around the building. This includes walking back and forth to your table, while using the restroom, playing a song on the jukebox, and exiting the building.
  • If you arrive without a mask, do not worry! We will provide one for you.
  • Once you are seated and have placed your order, you may remove your mask.
  • All seating options will meet social distancing guidelines. We will have both indoor and outdoor seating available.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for guests as they enter the building. It will also be located on all dining tables, in all restrooms, all service stations, and back of house areas.
  • All menus will be single use only and we will dispose of them immediately once used.
  • When moving around the building, we ask that you practice social distancing. We have assisted in creating distance by leaving markers on the floor for those picking up their picnic or waiting for the restroom.
  • In the event that you are waiting for your table, we ask that you do so in your car or our designated waiting areas outside. We will be happy to bring you a cocktail while you wait!
  • If you are picking up an order, please call 504-266-2810 once you have arrived and one of our team members will bring your order to your car or the designated Picnic table for carry-out orders outside.

Please know that we are working with our entire team to provide the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation. Below is a list of some of the promises we are making to our guests and each other to ensure we are providing a safe and fun Picnic experience.

  • Our team will pass a health check each shift and have their temperature taken prior to entering the building.
  • Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be available to all guests and team members. Our staff will be required to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer every 30 minutes at a minimum.
  • We will refrain from handshakes, high fives, and unfortunately… hugs. We will be practicing air fives and smiling with our eyes.
  • We will have disposable gloves available at every workstation in the front and back of house.
  • Didn’t finish your entire picnic today? We will provide you with everything you need to package and take home the rest of your meal. We are currently asking our guests to box up their own leftovers.
  • All team members will wear face masks for the duration of their shift.
  • Employees should refrain from touching their face with their hands. If they do so they will wash their hands immediately.
  • We will regularly clean and sanitize all common areas and surfaces such as doorknobs, restrooms, coolers, and service areas with a clean disposable towel.
  • We will clean and sanitize all dining tables and chairs after each guest with a clean disposable towel.
  • We will provide plastic wrapped silverware and wrapped straws upon request.
  • Salt, pepper, and sweeteners will be served in packets on a B&B upon request.
  • When polishing any glassware or silverware, folding napkins, and rolling silverware, staff will wear gloves.
  • All drink garnishes will be handled using sanitized tongs kept in the bar service area. Garnishes will be kept in a covered container.
  • Our team promises to follow the social distancing and sanitation guidelines that have been put in place to protect themselves, our fellow teammates, and our guests.
  • If our staff has any questions or concerns about these expectations, we are encouraging them to please speak with their manager.

If you feel like we have missed something in our promise listed above, please feel free to communicate your suggestions or concerns to management. Going forward during these times, we promise to always be open to new ideas and procedures.

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