\’pik-(,)nik\ – 1. Derived from pique-nique in France in 1692, a jolly meal together in an idyllic spot (away from distractions and demands, often outdoors) a meal to which everyone contributes something and everyone is welcome; associated with card playing, drinking and conversation; evolved by New Orleanians into crawfish boils and Saints tailgating damn near anywhere; from poboys for 2 at The Fly to family reunions in City Park and elegant tented affairs on the banks of Bayou St. John; attended by people who have a strong affinity for gingham and are likely to “skinny dip at night.


Where y’at? We’ll bring the Picnic to your krewe. Contact us for catering options today!

We also offer full or partial venue rentals for parties, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, corporate events and more. For questions, contact Monica at monica@nolapicnic.com



TI MARTINowner & co-founder


DARRYL REGINELLIowner & co-founder


MONICA MUMPHREYgeneral manager


When the three founders of Picnic Provisions & Whiskey set out to celebrate the joyful American picnic, they sprinkled it with the culinary magic of New Orleans.


The team at Picnic Provisions & Whiskey is inspired by the five powerful words painted on the dining room wall:

Picnic. This is the essence of our culinary and hospitality philosophy.

Share. Without sharing, any meal—whether it be a picnic or elaborate tasting menu—is less memorable.

Laugh. Life can be serious, and some restaurants take their food too seriously, but a meal without laughter is a missed opportunity.

Yummy. Need we say more?

Purpose. Purpose fuels one’s soul, and the hospitality we provide our guests is our purpose in life.



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Closed Mondays, y’all!


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