Call when you’re on the way and we will hold you a table!

Welcome to our modern corner restaurant where you can just drop in or pick up! A place where you crave the food…that chicken, that Ooey Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Eating outside with your hands, with friends…that’s what we all kept saying.

When three friends – a pizzeria owner, a chef and a restaurateur – thought, “let’s do a place together,” we kept remembering picnics. Tory thinks of clams and mussels over open flames in the Northwest; Darryl remembers an impromptu picnic with cheese and salami in a wildflower field in the Rhone with wife Angela; and Ti conjures up many elaborate beach picnics with candles, pimento cheese and crab salad. And…“skinny dipping” at night in Pensacola.

Picnic uses all-natural chicken.

Now why can’t you picnic in the city, in the park, at your desk? Since the crazed schedule of hospitality industry people’s lives didn’t let us picnic as often as we were dreaming of it, we decided to create our own picnic. We wanted really good chicken, pimento cheese, great music and a whiskey smash.

So grab some rosé, a blanket and some chicken – oh that chicken, you make me so happy – and have your own picnic wherever you are. Or let us bring it to you!


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TORY McPHAILowner & co-founder

TI MARTINowner & co-founder

DARRYL REGINELLIowner & co-founder

The three owners and co-founders of Picnic Provisions & Whiskey not only associate some of their greatest food memories with picnics, but each one appreciates the culinary magic of New Orleans. At Picnic Provisions & Whiskey, the three owners create new memories for guests by offering them a warm, inviting place to picnic, share and laugh.


Our team also believes in giving back to the New Orleans community we all love. Picnic Provisions & Whiskey has made a commitment to create at least one culinary/hospitality scholarship every year, and we’re strong proponents of mentorship—in our kitchen, dining room and beyond. If you’re a mentor in your own industry, have an iced tea on us!


The team at Picnic Provisions & Whiskey is inspired by five words that are powerful enough for them to be painted on the dining room wall:


Picnic. This is the essence of our culinary and hospitality philosophy.

Share. Without sharing, any meal—whether it be a picnic or elaborate tasting menu—is less memorable.

Laugh. Life can be serious, and some restaurants take their food too seriously, but a meal without laughter is a missed opportunity.

Yummy. Need we say more?

Purpose. Purpose fuels one’s soul, and the hospitality we provide our guests is our purpose in life.

\’pik-(,)nik\ – 1. Derived from pique-nique in France in 1692, a jolly meal together in an idyllic spot (away from distractions and demands, often outdoors) a meal to which everyone contributes something and everyone is welcome; associated with card playing, drinking and conversation; evolved by New Orleanians into crawfish boils and Saints tailgating damn near anywhere; from poboys for 2 at The Fly to family reunions in City Park and elegant tented affairs on the banks of Bayou St. John; attended by people who have a strong affinity for gingham and are likely to “skinny dip at night.”


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11am – 10pm Sunday – Thursday

11am – 11pm Friday & Saturday

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